'Broke' nurse begs for 'change' after admitting she lives 'paycheck to paycheck'

'Broke' nurse begs for 'change' after admitting she lives 'paycheck to paycheck'
Nurse delivers tearful TikTok about living paycheck to paycheck

A mother of two has gone viral after breaking down in tears with an emotional TikTok, which saw her share details of her financial hardship.

The woman, named Mackenzie Moan, is a critical care nurse while also studying for a PHD.

Moan and her husband live “paycheck-to-paycheck” despite both working full time. As she explained in the clip, the pair are left with only a few hundred dollars after paying all their bills despite both of their salaries.

They don’t spend excessively, but are still left struggling to reach payday every month after mortgage payments and bills had come out their account.

"I feel like my husband and I are doing everything right,” she said. "We both have good jobs. I'm a registered nurse, I work full time, and he works full time.”

Moan added: "We just got paid this past Friday and we paid the mortgage, bought some groceries, put some gas in the car, and guys, it is Tuesday and we have like $200-$300 to last until next Friday."

"We don't live in a big house," she went on to say, adding: "Somebody has to do something to change this because I make good money, he makes good money, we don't live above our means but we live paycheck-to-paycheck.


"I'm in school full time, I work full time, and he works more than full time, he works overtime every week. I don't know what to do. I'm so stressed out, this isn't how it's supposed to be."

After explaining her backstory, which saw her beat drug addiction to earn an education and study medicine, she said: “I thought I'd be able to pay my bills and not have to check my bank account if my kids say, "Mom, can we go to the movies this weekend?"'

Moan added: "I thought we'd be comfortable and we're not, at all. Growing up we were told, ‘Go to college, get a degree, work to support your family.’ Here we are. Did that, now what?"

She finished by saying: “I just wanted to share our struggle and maybe someone else could relate. We just need to support each other until things change. Thanks for watching."

The clip racked up more than 1.3 million views and sparked a great deal of reaction from people in the comments section, with many saying they were in similar situations.

It’s the latest video to strike a chord with viewers like this since a woman broke down in tears in a viral TikTok after being hit with the reality of entering the world of work with a 9-5 for the first time.

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