Can you find the wolves in this picture? Four are hiding from view

Can you find the wolves in this picture? Four are hiding from view
Chinese 3-D painter creates awesome optical illusions using perspective art

There are basically only two things people are watching on TikTok at the moment – that video about a blue couch found on the street, and optical illusion clips challenging viewers to spot hidden details.

The latest focuses on a bucolic image of a wolf in front of a mountain, but not all is as it seems.

A clip has been posted by TikToker Hectic Nick which invites viewers to find the four wolves in the picture, meaning there are three hidden somewhere in the frame.

The animals are all disguised within the natural features behind the wolf at the front of the image – can you spot them all?

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The creatures are all there, hidden among the rocky features and the snow-covered mountains.


Can you find all of them? 🤯 #illusion #fyp

Some people in the comments section even claim to have seen a fifth wolf, while another wrote: “It’s the one near u and 3 on the mountains.”

The video is part of the growing fourth object trend on TikTok, which challenges users to locate four different objects within a picture.

The “Find the Fourth Object” meme has existed online since 2019 and many believe it has been based on mobile game ads that encourage users to view the ad for as long as possible by making it intentionally tricky.

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