What does 'crash out' mean on TikTok?

What does 'crash out' mean on TikTok?
What are Tiktok's next steps?
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The phrase 'crash out' has taken TikTok by storm, but if you're confused on its origins or what it means, here's a quick explainer.

TikTok has become its own bubble since rising in popularity, and that means certain or words of phrases can be discovered everyday, but these can sometimes be confusing.

Whilst you might have heard 'crash out' for the first time on TikTok, the phrase's origins lie in AAVE (African American Vernacular English), and can be traced back to Louisiana, it refers to a reckless person who seeks out trouble.

The term describes someone who constantly risks their life and future, seemingly without concern for the consequences. It suggests that person feels as though they have nothing to lose.

So, "to crash out" means to engage in this reckless behaviour. One TikTok user described an example of someone engaging in this behaviour, saying: "If somebody step on your shoe accidentally and say 'excuse me', you'll just keep it pushing. A crash out will just turn around and start swinging for no reason at all."


Replying to @🇪🇹 #greenscreen whats a crashout? This. #babykia #antidamenace #atlantageorgia #atlanta #crashout #crashdummy

The term became popular on TikTok earlier this year, and was generally popularised by rappers such as NBA YoungBoy.

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