'Did you pray today' song takes TikTok by storm

'Did you pray today' song takes TikTok by storm
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Another day, another TikTok trend. This time, the platform is obsessed with Young Thug's lyrics, "Did you pray today?"

The viral audio has already racked up 23 million views under the hashtag alone. The lyrics originate from the rapper's 2016 song, 'Gangster Sh*t' – making users more confused as to why it's randomly cropped up now.

Unlike most popular uploads to the platform, there is no trend attached to the lyrics. Instead, TikTok users are simply using the song to upload random snippets from all corners of the internet.

Others are using the lyrics to poke fun at everyday situations.

It appeared to take off on TikTok earlier in May with many people using the sound with a purple-toned filter to mirror the aesthetic from the mid-2010s, according to Know Your Meme. One of the first uploads was said to receive almost 150,000 views in just ten days.

It didn't take long for people to comment on how catchy the lyrics were, with one writing: "I can't stop singing this song!"

Another reiterated: "I can't get this verse out of my head."

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Did u pray today? 🤨🤨

It comes after yet another bizarre time-passing trend took the platform by storm: the 'OKOKOK / LALALA test'.

The quiz is inspired by the popular Tyler the Creator's song, 'See You Again' featuring Kali Uchis.

It essentially determines what "vibe" you give off, depending on what you hear first. In the song, Tyler can be heard repeating "Ok," while Kali sings "Lalala".

Supposedly, if you join in on Tyler's part, you are level-headed and introverted. Whereas, if you are on Kali's side, you're more crazy and extroverted.

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