Can you find the fourth object in this picture? No one can find the crutch

Can you find the fourth object in this picture? No one can find the crutch

From optical illusions to world puzzles like Wordle, the internet is full of different method to put our brains to the test - and this "I'm sure you can't find the 4th object" picture is putting people to the test.

The picture itself shows three people at the toilets, with one woman sat down while the two are stood over their own respective toilets.

At the side of the image are the objects to find: an egg, a glove, an envelope and a crutch.

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Let me know when you see it 😈#greenscreensticker

For those who want to try and figure out where those things are - the answers are ahead...

Given the beige colours of each object, they may be difficult to spot initially, but the brown glove is on the skirt of the person standing in the middle of the image.

Next, the egg can be found on the nose of the person on the left-hand side and then the envelope has been can tilted at 90 degrees in order to blend in with the bathroom tiles on the wall.

But what about the crutch?

Well, no matter how much you scan and analyse the picture, you will not find a crutch hidden in there.

In the creator's profile image, it suggests a way to figure out the last part by doing the following: "Tap the + to see it."

Though this will only mean you follow this account, and still you won't be able to see a crutch as there isn't one in the picture.

This is a popular method to gain followers, so next time you're scratching you head over a TikTok puzzle this is something to always keep an eye out for.

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