Gen Z’s viral 'sock rule' sparks online debate with millennials

Gen Z’s viral 'sock rule' sparks online debate with millennials

Gen Z’s viral 'sock rule' sparks online debate with Millennials


We all know Gen Z and millennials love a good debate, and the latest one going viral on TikTok is all to do with the type of socks you wear.

In the video posted by Annaliese Todd (@annaliese.todd), there is a discussion in an office about everyone's choice of sock, and it's clear to see there is a generational divide.

Apparently the "sock rule" is all about how long your boot or shoe runs up your leg when deciding the proper length of sock to pair with it.

While Gen Z say long socks are a must, millennials prefer wearing ankle socks.

"I have a question about socks, if there's an exception to the rule," a millennial woman said to the group as she then lifted up her jeans to show off her black ankle boots paired with her ankle socks.

Although the Gen Z peers said this was acceptable, one showed how she was wearing normal socks under her cowboy boots while another zoomer said ankle socks should only be worn during "athletics".


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The video has since received 2.7m views, 142,000 likes and has sparked a debate in the comments section where viewers have made their sock stance clear.

One person said: "Listen I’m lucky if my socks match this is too much for me."

"As millennials we got mocked for having our socks too high so many of us ended up wearing ankle socks or having them rolled down," another person said.

Someone else added: "I’m a millennial & can under no circumstances have my socks showing… I tried it once and had a mental breakdown before I even left the house."

"I’m with Gen Z here. Always have been. Millennials issues with socks as a teen ever I never understood. I wore knee high to school."

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