Groom faces instant backlash after embarrassing bride with ’help me’ vows

Groom faces instant backlash after embarrassing bride with ’help me’ vows
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A groom has come under fire for a stunt he pulled in the middle of his vows at his own wedding.

The ceremony is all about couples saying their vows, but when the groom whipped a piece of paper out to declare he love for his bride, many quickly spotted something completely unexpected.

On the back of the paper, the words “help me” were written in bold text.

Safe to say, the prank didn't exactly go to plan when the bride could be seen getting visibly upset when she noticed the message.

To which the groom told her: "It was just a joke.”

After the clip played, TikTok Ryans_Truth_ shared his thoughts: “Now I know a lot of people feel like she should just be able to take a joke, especially on their wedding day because it wasn’t that serious.”


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He added: “This woman has been dreaming and thinking about being married for the majority of her life. And now the time has finally arrived with the man she’s in love with…and this special and intimate moment has been ruined by a joke.”

Since then, the video has received more than 756,000 views and just like the bride, many were unimpressed with the groom's actions.

One person said: "I'm not taking no jokes on my wedding day."

"The officiant was not laughing either," another person wrote.

A third added: "I can’t imagine the humiliation she felt. I’m sad for her."

"And to think she has to stand there after that and read the vows she poured her heart into writing. i would be so embarrassed," a fourth person commented.

Someone else replied: "My SO made a joke at our wedding and tbh I never got over it. Still hurts thinking about it sometimes. It’s just not the time for a joke like that."

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