Guy goes viral in DoorDash mix-up after he ordered 200 nuggets instead of 20

Guy goes viral in DoorDash mix-up after he ordered 200 nuggets instead of 20

Guy goes viral in DoorDash mix-up after he ordered 200 nuggets instead of 20


A man learned the hard way to always double-check the food quantity on a takeaway delivery order after he received ten times the amount he wanted.

In the viral TikTok posted by Jessica (@lynn_j_goat), she shared how her husband thought he had ordered 20 chicken nuggets on DoorDash.

So you can imagine his surprise when 200 chicken nuggets were delivered to his home, and the sheer quantity was clear to see in the video as the boxes of nuggets took over the entire table.

Of course this amusing mix-up caused both shock and laughter which can be heard by family members in the TikTok.

Just when you thought that was all, the camera then pans to another bag that also looks like there are even more nuggets.


The #viral #chickennugget video. Follow me on IG jisikalilgoat #fyp #mcdonalds #accident my husband used doordash and hit the x20 on the 10 piece nuggets! 😂😂 we are at 434k on IG follow for follow! @McDonald’s #laughing #hysterical

Given the impressive amount, it led viewers to question how her husband didn't realise the mistake he made.

One person said: "But like…. HE DIDNT LOOK AT THE PRICE?"

"Didn’t he think the total was a little PRICEY?!" another person added, while someone else wrote: "How'd you not notice the price?!"

In a follow-up video, Jessica shared exactly what happened that led to the abundance of chicken nuggets.

“So my husband went on the DoorDash app and instead of hitting the [10 nuggets] he accidentally put in the quantity as like, x 20,” she explained.

And she also answered why he didn't spot how expensive the order was (with it being 200 nuggets) - “He doesn’t pay attention to the details. And I think he mentioned, like, ‘Wow, this is expensive.'"


#chickennugget story time 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ go bills! #billsmafia #fatgoatrecords @FAT GOAT RECORDS @FAT GOAT PLUGINS™

They received a text from their DoorDash driver that their order will take longer (now they know why), but the family didn't suspect a thing, it was only when the driver delivered eight bags of food.

“After we realize that Chris messed up the order, we just lost it… it was just nuggets after nuggets after nuggets,” Jessica said.

“And so we did live by the beach and there’s a pier down the street and there’s a lot of homeless people out there… So we went down and we fed a ton of homeless people and they were so happy… It turned out to be really awesome — a really awesome experience.”

Viewers were glad to hear the nuggets didn't go to waste, and no doubt the family will be triple-checking their order quantities from now on.

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