TikToker Haley Kalil under fire over ‘let them eat cake’ Met Gala video

TikToker Haley Kalil under fire over ‘let them eat cake’ Met Gala video

TikToker Haley Kalil under fire over ‘let them eat cake’ Met Gala video


An influencer has sparked outrage after posting a video where she lip-syncs the famous Marie Antoinette quote "Let them eat cake," at the 2024 Met Gala.

Haley Kalil (@haleyybaylee) attended the fashion event wearing a floral headdress and gown to match along with a pastel-toned makeup look, seemingly inspired by the last queen of France.

In the viral video, the camera pans close to Kalil's face as she mouths "Let them eat cake," which is attributed to Antoinette in the 18th century and is said to be her response to being informed her starving peasant subjects had no bread.

The French queen would later be convicted of high treason against the French Republic and was executed by guillotine on 16 October 1793.

Then, the camera pans out to reveal Kalil's full outfit as she stands in the different poses.

The sound Kalil used for the video from the 2006 film Marie Antionette starring Kirsten Dunst.


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Since sharing the video, it has garnered over 18.6m views, but has prompted backlash from viewers who believe Kalil's post is tone-deaf given the ongoing problems around the world right now such as the Israel-Gaza war and the cost of living crisis.

One person wrote: "Using this sound in the context of what is happening in the world right now was a CHOICE."

While others compared the clip to the dystopian film franchise The Hunger Games: "It really is hunger games out here," someone said, and another added: "Watching this from district 12."

"The fact she didn't realize this would upset us just makes the metaphor even stronger," a fourth person commented, noting the irony.

In response, Kalil took to the comments section of her video to defend herself as she wrote:"Just wanted to clarify that this sound was used because my dress was Marie Antoinette themed. That is the ONLY reason. I would never use this sound for any other meaning that's heartbreaking."

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