Woman horrified to learn job interview is with man she ghosted years before

Woman horrified to learn job interview is with man she ghosted years before
Here’s What You Can Do Instead of Ghosting Someone

A job candidate has opened up about an awkward interview after realising it was with a man she had ghosted.

In a viral TikTok clip that's racked up almost nine million views, Rylie Jouett wrote: "Karma is the nastiest b*itch I ever met bc 6 years ago when I was 19 I ghosted the nicest guy who had the best intentions for me & tell me why he’s the person that’s interviewing me for a job that I desperately need tomorrow."

The 25-year-old TikToker shared two more updates, answering questions from intrigued viewers.

In the first follow-up clip, she explained that her interviewer realised who she was. Rylie claimed he said: "'Oh, that's really awkward – I don't know whether we can get you hired at a different location considering there's a conflict of interest.'"

His remarks confused Rylie, who shared how they'd "kissed once, six years ago on a date."

Rylie called the ordeal "strange," given they had both moved on with new partners.

Nevertheless, the TikToker still attended the interview.

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Many fellow TikTokers criticised Rylie for sharing the details as they feared it could jeopardise her chance of getting the job.

"Babes, it’s a f***ing barista job. Do you think that I give a s***?” Rylie hit back. "For $9 an hour plus tips? Like be serious right now. It’s not like I’m working for f—king Elon Musk."

"What is concerning is that this man is a Scorpio, so I just know he holds grudges," she added.


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"He did offer me the barista position at the end of our interview. I ended up turning the offer down because I got offered a higher-paying position somewhere else," she later told the New York Post.

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