Couple go viral for cringe 'love surge' video: "I hope to remain single"

Couple go viral for cringe 'love surge' video: "I hope to remain single"

A couple has alienated the internet by posting about their cringe "love surge" ritual.

Posting on TikTok, Lilianna Wilde and her partner Sean Kolar explained what a "love surge" is while demonstrating it and left people jarred.

A love surge is "when one of us has so much love in our limbs that we can't contain it and we feel like we're gonna explode," Wilde explained.

"Sean is having a love surge right now," she added as her partner appeared to vibrate and shake in the background like somebody having an electric shock.

"And he's going to wrap around me and shake with the electricity of love until I catch it too and start shaking," she continued as he hugged her from behind and they shook together."

"And then you explode with a love surge," she said as the couple parted then hugged again, thanking each other for the weird ritual.


i’m so sorry we are like this lol but we can’t help it 😭♥️✨ @Sean Kolar #marriagehumor #marriagecomedy #husbandwife #husbandwifecomedy #husbandsoftiktok #couplecomedy #couple #husband #wife #couplestiktok

People were horrified by the "love surge".

One commented: "This video made me consider breaking up with my [boyfriend] just to make sure i never risk experiencing a love surge".

"Thank you so much for sharing this," another said. I have now deleted all dating apps and hope to remain single. You’ve cured me"

"I need a love surge repellent," said a third.

And a fourth said:"I just sent this to my fiancé she’s blocked me".

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