'Love surge' woman reduced to tears after mockery: "I didn't expect that much hate"

'Love surge' woman reduced to tears after mockery: "I didn't expect that much hate"

'Love surge' woman reduced to tears after being brutally mocked on TikTok

Lilianna Wilde / TikTok

The TikToker behind the now-viral 'Love Surge' video posted a tearful response to the onslaught of mocking taking place on social media.

Lilianna Wilde posted a TikTok last month of her husband having what she labelled a "love surge". The video is well known now, with it having over 5 million views on TikTok, and opens with Wilde telling viewers "want see the cringiest most couple thing ever?" whilst her husband, Sean Kolar, stands behind her.

Kolar, who is seen shaking, proceeds to wrap around Wilde until both are shaking "with the electricity of love". This, she tells viewers is a "love surge".

Once social media found the video, mocking ensued, with some saying they would "rather die alone", whilst others imitated the original video.

However, Wilde has since posted an emotional update on TikTok, highlighting how cruel the internet can be and the effect it can have on the person it's directed towards.

"I didn't expect like, that much hate on the video," Wilde begins saying. "A lot of the duets and stitches are really funny and I laughed a lot, I can take a joke and I can laugh at myself."


i was doing really well and laughing a lot and then just hit a wall last night and everything got really overwhelming. and again, i’m not taking about some of the really funny duets/stitches, that’s part of posting on the internet and i accept that. what I’m heartbroken over are the really awful things people are wishing on Sean and I. please think before you type, I’m very very lucky that my offline life is so wonderful that I can look away, but some people aren’t so lucky and for their sake please consider what you write. #lovesurge

But she went on to say that the tone of comments began to take a turn. "Some of the comments got really really mean, and they were like wishing that someone got cheated on [...] or wishing DV [domestic violence] on me or to like unalive myself," Wilde said in the heartbreaking video.

"If the goal was to make me sad, you do it, you won," Wilde tells viewers whilst holding back tears.

She goes on to clarify that she's not talking about the "hilarious stitches" but rather "the really mean, hurtful comments."

"I think a lot of times people type something online and they don't see the result of it and this is the result," she shared, hopefully making some reconsider what they say and post online.

Many took to the comments of the video to send some love Wilde's way.

"People can be really mean and sometimes it's hard to just ignore them. Love surge is super cringe but it's special. Don't let them take that," wrote one user.

Another wrote, "I genuinely thought that was such a sweet video. You and your husband have every right to be yourselves, and share those parts of your relationship."

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