Eerie video hailed as 'proof' that mermaids exist

Eerie video hailed as 'proof' that mermaids exist

Fisherman Ryan Coleman claims to have had numerous encounters with real-life sirens


The mystery of what lies in the depths of the seas has fascinated humans since time immemorial.

From prehistoric shapeshifters to evidence of alien worlds – it seems we’ve only skimmed the surface of discovery when it comes to the Earth’s vast oceans.

And now, conspiracy theorists are convinced they’ve seen “proof” that some of the water’s most celebrated mythical creatures really do exist.

This is thanks to a deep-sea fisherman who recorded footage from his boat late at night, purportedly capturing the haunting chants of real-life sirens.

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In the clip, the seafarer who goes by the username @.sauce.90 on social media (real name Ryun Coleman) films two mysterious figures swimming by his boat as it travels through the choppy waves.

As he records, his voice can be heard saying: “What are those? What the f**k's going on?”

Pointing the camera at the sea, he notes: “Something’s swimming fast underneath that water, something's swimming real fast.”

A strange wailing sound can then be heard in the background as, apparently awe-stricken, Coleman asks: “What the f**k is that noise, bro? What is that noise?”

Then, as he continues to remark that he can “hear” the strange intruders, the shrieking voice announces: “Jump for me”.

The video was filmed last year, but was recently shared by the popular TikTok account The Paranormal Chic.


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In her introduction to the recording, she points out: “If we believe in the myths and the legends that have been there since the beginning, sailors have gone back hundreds of years stating that they would witness sirens, and the whole goal of a siren was to lure sailors to their death by drowning and eating them, and one way they did it was singing.

“It's creepy that they capture the singing out in the middle of the ocean.”

It’s not the only encounter Coleman claims to have had with these fishtailed enchantresses, however.

A month ago, The Paranormal Chic shared another of his videos showing what she considered to be the “best evidence” of their existence.

This time, the footage was taken in daylight and close-up, showing a mysterious, shimmering aquatic creature near the surface of the water.


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And, indeed, Coleman has amassed something of a cult following from people convinced that he is being persecuted for revealing the truth.

The TikToker has apparently had his accounts blocked numerous times and has suggested to his fans that the US government is after him.

The bizarre conspiracy theory was laid out by a fellow content creator who goes by the username iamdaydreamer28.

Beginning a lengthy explainer, he said: “.Sauce.90 has been on the platform for roughly over three years, and this is possibly his third account, but what keeps getting him banned? Why does he keep getting in trouble?

“There's two answers: the first being… non-believers.

“.Sauce.90 claims all his videos are real, they're legit, especially since he goes live so fabricating them would be a little tougher. So everything you see is as real as it gets.”

He continued: “However, .sauce.90 understands that not everyone is going to believe his word. That's why he's decided to consult professionals on his findings.”

Iamdaydreamer28 then played an excerpt of another Coleman video in which he presented a strange tail-shaped bone he’d found to an “expert” at a local whaling museum.

In the clip, the expert can be heard saying that he doesn’t know what it is.


Repost of the famous mystery tail bone!!! #fyp #sauce90 #mermaid

Iamdaydream went on with his explainer, saying: “The second answer as to why he keeps getting into trouble is the more controversial one.

“.Sauce.90 believes that the government might be after him due to his findings, but the government wouldn't waste their time on a talker who could possibly be faking it all, right?”

He then played another Coleman video in which the fisherman showed that members of “the government” had visited his boat and were conducting “scientific” tests in a special laboratory that they’d set up.

“What the f**k are you guys testing? That's what I want to know,” Coleman tells the camera. “Oh, no. .sauce.90 has heard certain things out in the ocean, and then my TikTok gets banned, and then the government shows up my boat – it's too many f**king coincidences,” he adds.

Iamdaydreamer continued: “Now to make things more weird, the day after he posted that video, .sauce.90 got into a serious car accident where he should not have walked out alive. This led many to believe that maybe .sauce was correct and the government is actually after him.

“He would then go on a live video call explaining his side of the story and how he believes someone is trying to silence him. So after this live video call, the accident and the government eavesdropping on him, people began to worry about his health and safety.”

The commentator then said that Coleman posted a “very controversial video” following his accident saying he was “back” on his boat and back at work.

“The comments in that video are flooded with people saying that is not his real voice, and the government may have captured him,” Iamdaydreamer said.

“And to make matters worse, ever since that video came out, all his mermaid-related content has stopped.”

He ended his monologue: “But what do you guys think? Did .sauce.90 capture actual evidence and pay the price for it? Or is this a giant hoax?”


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Since then, has offered his loyal subscribers more mermaid content, including “drone” footage of one apparently swimming in the open sea, which he posted back in June.

However, viewers weren’t so convinced by this one.

“I definitely believe in mermaids but this is a human struggling to swim with a suit on,” one wrote.

“For a sea creature, she’s not a great swimmer,” pointed out another.


Drone caught video of what looks like a 🧜🏽‍♀️!! LMK your thoughts !!

And yet, some were still taken in.

“Yes I believe,” wrote one, adding: “The ocean holds so many secrets.”

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