Paranormal investigator shares the most terrifying video she's ever seen

Paranormal investigator shares the most terrifying video she's ever seen

Myra Moore told indy100 that this recording 'scared her half to death'


A paranormal investigator, whose work has earned herself the status of bonafide TikTok icon, has revealed the video which most sends shivers down her spine.

Myra Moore, who goes by “The Paranormal Chic” on social media, spoke to indy100 about her fascination with the weird and unexplained, and why she thinks people are starting to wake up to the “magic” that surrounds us all.

From mermaids to mutants, aliens to angels, Myra says she’s seen it all. And when she gets her hand on footage that she believes to be authentic, she uploads it to social media.

“People send me thousands of pictures and videos daily, but 99 per cent of them want to remain anonymous because they’re afraid of the backlash,” she explained.

“Once something goes viral, it can go one of two ways: it could go really well or it could go really badly.”

The supernatural sleuth said she and her dedicated team (a.k.a. her family) go through hours of material each week in an attempt to sort the genuine from the chaff.

Myra, who, by day, works as a business analyst in Arizona, stressed that she’s “very cognisant about CGI and AI technology,” and said that she can typically tell if a clip’s been doctored because it’s “just too perfect.”

“But the ones that are the true witness videos that are sent to me, I'm just like, it's a whole other world right next to us,” she said.

“And so a lot of the driving force behind what I do is that I've become like a mouthpiece for people who want to share what they’ve seen but are afraid of the potential ramifications.

“So that's how I look at it: I'm presenting actual witness footage and it's up to you guys to decide if what it claims to show is real – but I'll be that buffer.”

Myra works as a business analyst but dedicates her free time to investigating the weird and unexplained(Myra Moore)

The proud mum said that her passion for the paranormal began with a love of Bigfoot and the legendary beast’s centuries-long history.

“Bigfoot goes back to the Epic of Gilgamesh,” she said, referring to the famous ancient Mesopotamian text. “And even the Romans mention ‘hairy men’ or ‘wild men’.

“It goes back thousands of years so I’m like, this can’t be fake.”

It was this innocent obsession with all things Sasquatch that, ultimately, put her on the map.

“There's one video that put me out front and centre in front of everybody, and that was Kens Carpentry's Bigfoot,” she said.

“It was literally the best footage I have ever come across and I had to post it. So I posted it and it blew up, then everybody started loving the content.”


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Despite working in business, Myra said she’d always wanted to focus on the paranormal. And “not just Bigfoot, everything paranormal.”

“We're in a day and age where technology is literally our lives, but we're also catching things we've never seen before,” she said.

“It's things that your grandparents, or even your parents, would see, but nobody would believe.

“They would call them ‘tall tales’, but back then they didn't have devices recording all the time,” she continued.

“Now we do. So all those ‘tall tales’, all those fairytales, are literally coming to life in front of our eyes.”

Speaking of fairies, Myra said that one of her favourite videos shows what appears to be a real-life sprite.

“A woman captured what looks to be a fairy on her ring cam,” she explained.

“It has been vetted so many times, so it's legit – it's not CGI, it's not AI, it's true footage that she caught by chance.

“People have said, ‘No, it's a luna moth,’ or ‘It's a wasp’. But I'm like, that thing has legs and arms – I don't think it's a wasp.”


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However, not all the clips she receives are quite as Disney-friendly.

Myra admitted she was once sent a video shot by two boys in Mexico which “scared [her] to death”.

“The boys were left in the house because the electricity went out and the mum and grandma had to run down to the market to grab some candles,” she recounted. “Believe it or not, a situation like that is normal in Mexico because the power grid does randomly go out.

“So they left them in the house and told them not to go outside, but the little brother needed to use the restroom.” (Many rural Mexican homes don’t have toilets inside the house, and instead rely on outhouses.)

“So the older boy had to take his little brother out to the bathroom, and what they saw terrified me because it was real,” she continued.

“They saw what looked like a shadow person peeping out, watching them.”

She went on: “When I saw it peeping out from the side of the house, it scared me to death, and it terrified the children – they took off running and screaming.

“It's terrifying because it feels evil. It truly feels evil. And the way the boys were able to catch it on their phone camera just amazed me because a lot of investigators see these things but they’re so fast and so fleeting that a lot of them can’t catch them.”


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Still, Myra generally welcomes all of the footage she receives and thinks humankind is ready to embrace a world of wonders that exists in tandem with our own.

“We just have to be open to change,” she said. “I mean, we teach in business that change is constant – if you're not willing to change, then you're going to stay stagnant and you're going to be left behind.

“That's the way I see it with the paranormal – if there is another world next to ours, we just have to be open to more; to the idea that there’s magic to this world.

“I mean, science to me is truly magic. Just how can the planet itself just keep rotating in the vastness of space? That to me is magical.”

She continued: “It’s about being open to change and also being accepting of others. That’s what we teach our kids now – just because you're brown and I’m white doesn't make us different, we're still humans. We just have to be accepting of each other.

"If the paranormal really is going to come out, I hope we've reached a point where we can be accepting and live side-by-side.”

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