Company passes up on chance to sponsor MrBeast in 2018 for just $50k

Company passes up on chance to sponsor MrBeast in 2018 for just $50k
MrBeast is offering $5 million to contestants in the “largest game show …
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MrBeast has been on a stratospheric rise in the YouTube world over recent years, and a new video has revealed that one brand missed a huge chance to work with him when his career was taking off.

Back in 2018, MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, was an up-and-coming content creator on the platform with one million followers.

Just a few years later, in November 2022, MrBeast became the most subscribed YouTube creator worldwide and now has more than 281m subscribers.

Speaking in a new video, a TikToker has revisited a big missed opportunity for one brand which passed up the chance to team up with the YouTuber back in 2018 for a relatively small fee.


1 of a few good shouts. How much would it cost to sponsor a Mr Beast video today?

The TikToker is an artist from London called Daniel Cordas, who goes by @danielcordasart on the video platform. He recounted “the biggest L in in YouTube, consultancy [and] marketing history” in a new clip.

"I need to make this purely to spite the people that said no to me,” he said.

"Early 2018, about six years ago, a company were making a game and asking me for advice on something... I said the most undervalued thing you can do is a YouTube promotion and I found you a guy who has one million subscribers."

At the time, MrBeast charged around $10,000 for a promotion on a video. Cordas reached out to MrBeast using the email on his YouTube bio at the time, and showed the screenshots of the conversation."

He upped it to $50,000 and the people I was speaking to said it's too much," Cordas said, recounting how the brand passed. "I said I think it's still worth it, they definitely had the budget but they didn't see the value."

"If that was sponsored at the time, obviously it would have been on MrBeast's channel still for the last six years and I wonder how much it cost to sponsor a whole MrBeast video now. I genuinely have no idea,” he added.

MrBeast is the biggest name on YouTubeGetty Images

Meanwhile, MrBeast has teased what he has called his "biggest video ever" and posted a picture on X / Twitter alongside some of the biggest names on the internet.

The most subscribed channel on YouTube, recently toppling T-Series, is renowned for big budget videos, huge challenges and tasks he sets for people with huge prize money at stake.

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