X-rated TikTok margarita song hailed as this year's 'summer anthem'

X-rated TikTok margarita song hailed as this year's 'summer anthem'
How to make a Margarita

There is always a new song taking over everyone's TikTok For You page, and the latest one is an X-rated track about drinking margarita's which has been declared a "summer anthem."

The song called "One Margarita," was created by TikTok influencer That Chick Angel (@thatchickangeltv) which includes pretty explicit lyrics about getting more intimate, the more margarita's that are drank.

(So the song is definitely not suited for youngsters on the app).

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It all began when That Chick Angel appeared on a podcast where she created a remix using the dialogue of another woman shouting on a university campus about abstinence as a sample.

"When I heard it, I said this sounds like a rap song," That Chick Angel said, and was then given a beat to rap to which she created the viral moment.

The "One Margarita" song has gone viral on TikTok iStockphoto by Getty Images

The TikTok clip quickly gained attention with 2.6m views, 272,000 likes and people who were thoroughly entertained by the song and expressed this in the comment section.

One person said: "Did we just hear the new song of the summer??"

"Knowing where this came from makes this even funnier, it escalated so fast," another person said.

A third joked: "See that’s why I’m sticking to daiquiris."

"Not me at my desk jamming and twerking at 4:41 PM," a fourth person commented.

Someone else replied: "Omg, the LSU Margarita lady just gave us the summer 2023 theme."

Since then, the song has been used in over 45,000 videos where people have filmed themselves sipping margarita's with their friends as they lip dub and dance along to the track.

As a result of the song's popularity, it has now also been released of music streaming platforms - with Casa Di and Steve Terrell credited alongside That Chick Angel as artists on the viral hit.

That Chick Angel posted a TikTok announcing the news and wrote: "Yall asked for it!!! Full song of One Margarita is available on all streaming platforms and is in the TOP 20 of all US Hip Hop tracks on iTunes!"

In the comments, fans shared their love for the song and are dying for some high profile rappers to collaborate on the track.

One person said: "We need @Megan Thee Stallion or @Cardi B on this too! 😂 Loving this song lol"

"Legendary we need Thee Stallion on this," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Thank you for making my summer anthem."

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