PinkyDoll sparks backlash after announcing Hollywood job during actor and writer strikes

PinkyDoll sparks backlash after announcing Hollywood job during actor and writer strikes
How TikTok Creators Make Thousands Acting As NPCs on Livestreams

The TikTok Live NPC streamer PinkyDoll has received backlash after revealing that she has been offered a gig in Hollywood despite the ongoingSAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes.

Throughout the past week, it's been hard to avoid the NPC TikTok live-streaming trend where people have been earning thousands of dollars by repeating seemingly nonsensical phrases that are in no way connected.

Amongst the many people doing this, PinkyDoll has emerged as the most popular due to the overall time she has spent doing it and seemingly the amount of money she has earned in a rapid amount of time by simply saying things like "Ice cream so good” and “Balloon, pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!" over and over again.

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Such is the attention that PinkyDoll, real name Fedha Sinon from Montreal, has gotten she has now revealed that she has been receiving offers from Hollywood.

In a TikTok video she said: "Guess who is going to Hollywood baby! To Hollywood! Yes, it’s your girl right here, it’s your girl right here."

She added: "That sh** about to be popping because when I come in here, I [am going to] take somebody’s spot.”


I got a lot coming for you GANG GANG and they think i was gonna flop 👑👑👑👑 #viral #ptp #fyp #trending #foryoupage #pourtoipage #pinkydoll #hollywood

However, while no one would begrudge PinkyDoll any Hollywood success, her announcement has come at an inopportune time for anyone looking to get into the movie business.

At this precise time, writers and actors in Hollywood have gone on strike over pay issues and concerns surrounding the growing influence of AI in the industry. This has led to many films and TV shows going on a production hiatus until the issue is resolved.

As soon as PinkyDoll announced this vague deal with Hollywood, she found herself under scrutiny and being called a 'scab' for perhaps unknowingly crossing the picket lines.

Others agreed with the sentiment. One person wrote: "Well that was a career ender, there is no lower form of life than a scab."

Another added: "I mean...is anyone really surprised? The TikTokers have been showing they don't care about class solidarity and what actual Hollywood workers are fighting for. To them the strike is just an opportunity to replace others."

A third said: "I mean. This one is hardly gonna break a writer’s strike, but damn. No one should be excited to cross a picket line."

However, others defended her feeling that the scab rhetoric was a step too far. One person said: "I’m sorry but the anti-scabbing rhetoric I’d argue is anti-working class and shows privilege of being able to scold people who can’t strike."

A second said: "How does this prove she's a scab, especially when she's using her NPC voice? She's said, "I'm going to Hollywood, baby. Believe in yourself." Anyone can SAY that. That doesn't mean she's actually hired for any movie/tv show. Where is the proof? What acting job?"

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