Video of plane not moving in the air sparks wild conspiracy theories

Video of plane not moving in the air sparks wild conspiracy theories
Plane appears to be floating in the sky

The internet loves a conspiracy theory and a new viral video of a plane in the sky appearing not to move has sparked discussion.

The video posted by @tania.draws from her car in Chicago showed a plane low in mid-air appearing stationary as the TikToker drove past.

Puzzled by what she had seen, she wrote "WTF" in on-screen text. When she shared the clip, Tania asked in the caption: "Glitch in Matrix? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this in Chicago either."

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The video went viral, receiving 2.2m views, 137,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who decided to share their theories.


TikTok · Tania ♥️

One person joked: "He’s at a red light."

"Can’t no plane just sit in idle… yeah definitely a glitch," another person agreed with her.

A third person shared a similar experienced as they added: "My daughter and I seen one a month ago or so, we thought we were going crazy."

"I thought I was seeing things!! I saw this happen one day driving Uber from the airport!!" a fourth person replied.

One other tried to provide a more scientific explanation for what Tania had witnessed.

A suggested reason was Parallax, where the position or direction of an object appears to change when viewed from different positions.

In this case, Tania had recorded the plane while travelling in the opposite direction it was moving in, and so some believe this is why the plane appears to not be moving when it actually is.

One person wrote: "It’s called a Parallax which is an observed displacement of an object due to the observers changed position."

"The complexities of motion parallax," another similarly said.

Someone else added: "Parallax, it’s an optical illusion."

"It only looks like it’s sitting still because they are driving in its direction," a fourth person commented.

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