Plane passenger sparks debate after getting into fight with child on flight

Plane passenger sparks debate after getting into fight with child on flight

Plane passenger's dispute with child over window shade causes debate


A plane passenger has sparked a debate after she filmed her disagreement with a child who repeatedly closed her window shade.

In the viral video posted by @vmaymah, it shows a small hand coming into the frame as they reach up to the window shade and proceed to close it.

But immediately after this, the TikToker can be seen opening the blind to let the light in once again, though the child quickly attempted to shut it down once again but halfway down the woman took hold of the shade and held her hand there to prevent the child from closing it a third time.

"POV: the kid in front of me thinks he can close MY window shade," the on-screen text read, while in the caption the TikToker made it clear: "It's my window."


Its my window 😐 #windowseat #plane #foryou #viral #fy

Since sharing the window shade battle, video has received 18.8m views, and it soon provoked a debate in the comments section where it appears most people sided with the TikToker.

One person said: "If I sit next to a window, I want to look out of the window..... who closes the window blind on a day flight?"

"Makes my blood boil. Entitlement of parents who don’t look what their kids doing!" another person wrote.

A third person added: "Like why is his hand all the way back there."

"The person in front of me did this on my last flight and i was completely fine with it being closed but I did this out of spite instead," a fourth person commented.

Someone else asked: "Why don’t airlines make the seats and windows line up?"

However, some criticised her for getting into a disagreement with a kid.

One person said: "What if they’re [the child] trying to sleep?"

"Just adjust it's just a kid," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "The dude probably just has sun in his eyes. Seriously how territorial are you??" to which the TikToker replied: "If I paid for a window seat I decide whether I keep it open or not. He had his own window."

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