Woman sings hymn to calm down 'possessed' plane passenger

Woman sings hymn to calm down 'possessed' plane passenger

2023 has officially become the year of plane drama. It seems as though every time you take a swipe through social media, at least one person is kicking up a storm mid-air.

From Tiffany Gomas' "not real" rant, which she finally cleared up, to the woman who used her so-called influencer status during a confrontation with a fellow passenger, it sure has been difficult to mind our own business and simply swipe past.

Well now, another altercation has taken place, and this time it was said to be on a Frontier flight.

In the four-minute footage shared to Reddit, one woman can be heard wailing while staff members appear to try and take her to the back of the plane to calm her down.

"Stop pulling on my arm," she yells, as she later attempts to climb over rows of seats.

The situation then intensifies as another woman jumps in claiming the passenger is "possessed".

"That doesn't happen for no reason. This is actual evidence there's a real devil that wants to kill each and every one of you all, including your family members," the woman in the hat says.

"That’s not her, she’s possessed!" she continues. "She needs help!"

She then tells fellow passengers that Jesus Christ is the way forward.

Later in the clip, the chaos starts once again, while the preacher stands at the back of the plane and calmly sings a hymn in an attempt to resolve the situation.

It didn't take long for hundreds of viewers to flood the comments section, with one calling it the top five plane "freak outs" of all time.

Another said: "This transcends the freak out and has become performance art."

Meanwhile, a third joked: "I'm not into conspiracy theories but I'm fully convinced Frontier hires crazy actors to keep prices low."

Indy100 reached out to Frontier for comment.

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