Americans are mocking Brits for being obsessed with Prime

Americans are mocking Brits for being obsessed with Prime
Logan Paul reveals staggering amount of money Prime drink has made in …

Americans don’t take the mickey out of Brits for being cringeworthy too often – in fact, it’s often the other way round.

But people in the US have begun to notice just how obsessed the UK is with KSI and Logan Paul's Prime drink, and they’re in disbelief.

For those unaware, the two YouTubers launched their energy drink in 2022, and it quickly became a phenomenon.

Fans rushed to get their hands on a £2 bottle and it proved so popular that local off-licenses began reselling it at much higher price points.

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It even has an app dedicated to tracking down bottles across the UK – and people in the US are finding the obsession with it impossible to understand.

Twitter user JotaroKujo is one US resident who has noticed just how obsessed people are over here, posting a picture of a full shelf of Prime and writing: “Fake hype for prime in the UK is real, no one touches this sh** in the US.”

Max Weinbach, a 9to5Google reporter, also couldn’t believe how popular the drink was over here, writing: “Is prime really that big of a deal in the UK?”

The popularity of Prime shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, either.

One thing the Prime craze did bring us was the rise of notorious newsagent Wakey Wines.

The shop in Wakefield became one of the most talked about things on TikTok for a while, after the owners boasted about stocking stacks of the energy drink – causing some to travel more than 100 miles to buy it there.

It got so popular, in fact, that KSI himself called for a boycott.

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