Can you find the word 'rat' in this 'extremely hard' puzzle?

Can you find the word 'rat' in this 'extremely hard' puzzle?
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There is an "extremely hard" puzzle making rounds on TikTok, which has certainly proven to be a conundrum for viewers.

Previously, the head-scratcher went viral on the video-based platform back in 2021 and has since resurfaced and confused people once more amid different brainteasers being a hit on TikTok.

This particular puzzle is all about finding the word "rat" in the video that also contains a word grid of the letters "T, R, A."

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So sounds pretty straightforward considering those three letters make up the word people are trying to find, and you're probably thinking that the word "rat" could be found in no time...

Well, you would be incorrect with this assumption since everyone cannot figure out where it is.

But really it is easier than most would think, as the word "rat" is not in the word grid, rather it can actually be found in the title where viewers are asked "Can you find the word 'RAT.'"


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Given this to be the answer, viewers in the comment section gave both a variety of correct and incorrect guesses.

One person wrote: "I found raar take it or leave it."

"Literally impossible," another person said.

Someone else joked: "Wow strange I can't find my sister."

"It’s is in the title," a fourth person commented.

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