TikTok convinced Meghan Markle's Suits started Roman Empire trend

TikTok convinced Meghan Markle's Suits started Roman Empire trend
Meghan Markle curtsying scene in Suits
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The latest TikTok trend sees women asking the men in their lives how often they think about the Roman Empire - and it turns out they think about the historical period a lot.

But now, fans of the US legal drama Suits have noted a clip in the show that has convinced them that the Roman Empire trend started back then.

In the clip, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) dances along while wearing earphones and is stopped by Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) who asks "What's playing on that thing?"

To which Mike replied: "Uh, audiobook, 'Fall of the Roman Empire.'"


TikTok · Deborah O'Dell

"This Roman Empire thing goes way deeper than we thought guys," TikToker @debodell wrote in the post caption.

Since posting this video, it has received 1.1m views, as people shared their thoughts on this as well as other times in the series the Roman Empire was mentioned.

One person said:" No bc I immediately thought of this scene when I saw the Roman Empire thing."

"LMAO they mentioned it in season 7 too, I was dying last night,” another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Richard Gilmore mentions it in the beginning of season 5 too."

Meanwhile, the Roman Empire TikTok trend was established when Rev. Kelsey Lewis Vincent tweeted about something she had seen about it and asked her husband if he thinks about the Roman Empire to which he informed her it's an everyday thought.

“I saw an IG Reel that said something along the lines of ‘Women have no idea how often the men in their lives think about the Roman Empire’,” she wrote.

“So I asked my husband: ‘How often do you think about the Roman Empire?’ and without missing a beat he said ‘Every day’

“YALL! Why!?”

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