Man says Secret Santa is 'cancelled' after gift leaves him unimpressed

Man says Secret Santa is 'cancelled' after gift leaves him unimpressed

A man has declared that Secret Santa is "cancelled" after going "all out" with his gift, only to be left unimpressed with what his Secret Santa gifted him.

TikToker @star_hollywood has said "never again" to participating in the festive tradition that took place at his work.

“I put Christmas lights on the bag, Santa paper, I put bells on the gift bag – the lady that I got I went over and beyond," he explained.

When the gift-giving day rolls around he is feeling "festive," and has his "Christmas ugly sweater on".

“I get to work, everybody putting their bags down on the shelf, a couple of hours go by and they call everybody up."

He continued: "I’m excited, it's Christmas time, some people don’t get a gift and Secret Santa sometimes [guarantees] that person that they get that one gift so I make sure I always go above and beyond."

But the excitement soon died down when he was informed that his Secret Santa was not at work that day and so he would receive the gift on Monday instead.


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Fast forward to Monday, and there was more anticipation for the delayed gift exchange.

“I get to work today, I get my gift y’all. She hands me my gift, and I open it up and this is what I have," he then opens the box which has wrapped bars of Hershey's, mini Reese’s and Mr Goodbar's chocolates.

And the TikToker wasn't impressed, given that the spending limit for Secret Santa was $25 - however, he did concede that these chocolate brands can be "expensive".

"Well maybe, she spent a little bit of money on the bow and the box because the box is kind of fancy,” he said.

“But y’all, I get a box of candy.”

In the on-screen text caption, he also wrote: "Never again, Christmas Secret Santa is cancelled."

Since sharing his Secret Santa story, the video has gone viral with over 24 million views, as people shared their own disappointing Secret Santa experiences.

One person wrote: "Our Secret Santa was supposed to be $25-$50 and my boss got my name and she gave me a trinket the ones people sell on the corner for $.25 for the blind so I took her gift."

"We started using Elfster for our company secret Santa and you had to get something off of your person's wishlist, for this very reason," another person said.

Someone else added: "Yeah, my Secret Santa didn't get me anything. I was the only one who didn't get a gift."

"Someone in our office got a 10-pound bag of rice from their Secret Santa," a fourth person commented.

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