Server complains she was only tipped 3% after customer didn't get mayo for his shrimp

Server Surprised With $1,000 Tip!

If there's one place disgruntled food service and retail workers can go to vent about their bad day, it's TikTok.

One food service worker took to the platform to share a recent story where a customer only tipped her 3 per cent on a $100 bill because the restaurant did not have mayonnaise.

TikToker maxinewhiteleyy wrote in her video that the customer requested mayonnaise to go with his order of shrimp but was disappointed when the restaurant did not have any.

The TikToker said she works at a Greek food restaurant.

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After receiving her tip of $3 on the $100 order, she took to the platform to express her frustration.

Commenters empathized with the TikToker's frustrating day, many shared their annoyances about working in food service.

"I just got tipped 0.65 on a 93$ bill," one person wrote.

"Someone got mad bc chipotle didn't have ketchup or barbecue sauce once," another commenter said.


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Food service workers often use the social media platform to share horror stories of tipping.

One waitress shared her frustrations after customers only tipped her 10 per cent despite spending six hours at the restaurant. Another waitress shared how a customer only left their phone number instead of a tip.

Many commenters sympathized with maxinewhiteleyy for working hard but facing repercussions for a problem out of her control.

"Don't you just hate those people??" A commenter wrote

"It’s not your fault there was no Mayo tell your boss he owes you the rest of your tip," a person said.

One pointed to the customer's unconventional request asking for mayonnaise on shrimp.

"Who TF wants mayo with shrimp," the commenter wrote.

Some comments addressed the problem with tipping in food service and retail work. For years, people have criticized tipping industries' reliance on tips to pay a fair wage to workers.

But it doesn't seem that will change anytime soon.

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