What does 'bunny, cat, deer or fox pretty' mean on TikTok?

How to Go Viral on TikTok

Another day, another TikTok trend – and now users are using animal names to describe themselves and no one quite understands why. Until now.

In recent months, we've seen some truly bizarre trends and quizzes make their way across the platform. From the OKOKOK/LALALA quiz to the viral ' Are you a soldier, poet or king ' test, it's no wonder why users find themselves scrolling through the app for hours on end.

Now, TikTokers are using animals as codewords to describe their appearance. The four consist of a bunny, a cat, a deer or a fox.

Thankfully, one person expanded on the cryptic names, with one viral clip from Keenan ( @mangoninja1344 ) deconstructing the meanings.

According to the TikToker, your answer doesn't stem from a quiz. It's simply how you view yourself.

  • A bunny means you have "lighter hair, a round face and soft facial features."
  • A cat apparently equates to "darker hair, light eyes and sharp features."
  • A deer suggests you have "dark hair and eyes, a longer face with soft features."
  • A fox means "lighter hair, longer face and sharp features."

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It didn't take long for TikTokers to jump on the trend and share their self-professed results. Many more were left confused and relied on fellow users to decide.


i find the perception of these things so fascinating ib: @bug_lov3r #deerpretty #catpretty #bunnypretty #foxpretty #lalala #okokok #didyouseetheway


I’ve been told bunny 🐰 #deletingthislater #typesofpretty #trend #bunnypretty♡ #foxpretty #catpretty #deerpretty #appearance


or even pretty at all

The viral TikTok clips have collectively racked up hundreds of thousands of views – and it doesn't seem to be slowing down in popularity anytime soon.

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