Woman runs entire marathon inside a Costco

Woman runs entire marathon inside a Costco

TikToker runs entire marathon inside a Costco in one day


TikToker Madison (@ugh_madison) decided to complete a full marathon in the unconventional venue of a Costco store.

This 11-hour challenge isn't the first from the content creator as she's previously gone viral for she staying at a buffet for over eight hours and leaning a Taco Bell bathroom until she got kicked out by the employees.

The goal for Madison's latest video was to remain in the huge store as a gym but to also remain in the premises until closing time - and ultimately become "the first person in history to do a marathon at Costco."

Of course, the challenge raised some eyebrows from staff and customers as Madison filmed herself running around the store and doing press-ups in the aisles.


Seeing if I can become the first person to do a marathon at costco 馃槶馃弮鈥嶁檧锔廆OLIPOP #olipoppartner

(And the perk of completing a marathon inside a Costco is all the free snack samples on offer to keep the TikToker replenished).

After being in the store for nine hours, Madison had ran/walked over 19 miles so hadn't completed her goal as the store was closing - that's when she decided to complete the marathon by running laps outside around the store to get to the 26-mile goal.

So 11 hours later, Madison managed to complete an entire marathon during her time at Costco.

Another plus to the challenge was the fact that a year鈥檚 membership at the store is actually cheaper than a two-month gym membership.

The TikTok has since gone viral with over 877,000 views, and people in the comment loved that Madison was making the most out of her Costco membership

One person said: "Plzzzzz the Costco marathon needs to be a real event."

"My son does this everytime we go to Costco," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Elderly people walk around Costco everyday eating samples and buy nothing. They won鈥檛 kick you would unless you do something crazy."

"I'm about to cancel my membership at planet fitness this is a much better deal," a fourth person commented.

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