What's TikTok's viral 'triangle method' and will it make you better at flirting?

What's TikTok's viral 'triangle method' and will it make you better at flirting?
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TikTok is the place for dating trends and advice, with the “Triangle Method" flirting becoming the latest technique to go viral - but does it really work?

Although there aren't any trials that can back this method up, there are some studies which may indicate that it's not just some internet dating shtick.

The “Triangle Method" is when you look at your desired person and your eyes move to the shape of an upside triangle - this is done by making eye contact with the person's left eye for at least three seconds, you then want to look at their mouth by casting your eyes downwards for a few seconds and finally look back up the right eye to complete the shape.

It's all about how powerfully you hold your gaze, and there have been studies on the effects of eye contact.

Prolonged eye contact is mainly regarded as being highly arousing, studies suggest.

However, you don't want to overdo it with the eye contact otherwise, anything longer than that is seen to be creepy.


If you pull this off consistently, you’ve got him foreal 💋🔥 #femmefatale #doeeyes #trianglemethod #eyecontact #prettyeyes

If you're wondering what the perfect amount of time is, according to London Science Museum it is just over three seconds.

There's also a good reason to move your gaze to a person's lips as this feature is also linked to arousal, given lips are associated with kissing.

Redder lips are a preference men (straight and white) had for women and caused them to stare longer at their lips if they had on red lipstick, according to a 2010 study.

Researchers believe the reason for this could possibly be that redder lips “mimic vasodilation associated with sexual arousal”.

This triangle method comes after other flirting techniques and slang have gone viral on the platform such as "siren eyes," and "rizz."

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