'UFO' spotted in Egypt leaving viewers baffled

'UFO' spotted in Egypt leaving viewers baffled
NASA appoints new head of UFO research
Fox - 35 Orlando / VideoElephant

It feels like 2023 has been the year of the UFO, and now there’s another video that has emerged online which has people in full investigation mode.

Whatever you believe it or not, the clip has sparked a big reaction on social media – adding to the long list of curious UFO-related stories to emerge recently.

This year, we’ve had congress hearings with witnesses attesting to the existence of UFOs, while it was also revealed that NASA is set to publish results from its unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) independent study which could very well confirm or deny the existence of aliens.

The latest clip, claiming to have been filmed in Egypt, could yet prove another talking point.

A video which has been circulating on TikTok supposedly shows a UFO flying over the pyramids.


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Not only that, but the clip also supposedly shows the unidentified craft firing beams of blue lights – and it’s got a lot of people speculating.

While some seemed pretty convinced, others were sceptical to say the least.

“CGI through a convenience store camera,” one commented, dismissing the video.

“I believe,” one wrote, seemingly more ready to take the video as real.

Are you convinced by the footage?

Earlier this year, a model has shared what some are describing on social media as the 'best UFO footage ever' after spotting something strange during a flight.

Valentina Rueda Velez, a Colombian model who goes by the username @Valentinarueda.v on Instagram, shared a clip during a recent journey on a private plane.

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