What is the viral video that 'freezes' phones on TikTok?

What is the viral video that 'freezes' phones on TikTok?
TikTok's algorithm deemed dangerously addictive
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There’s a new video which is leaving TikTok users concerned, as their feeds appear to have been ‘frozen’ after viewing it.

TikToker @Noahglenncarter, who posts videos about the latest trends and quirks of the video platform, posted about the curious video which is ruining people’s experiences online.

Rather than anything malicious, the clip in question doesn’t actually affect people’s phones. Instead, it allegedly just stops people scrolling on the “for you page” by manipulating the TikTok user interface.

TikToker Noah spoke about the clip which has appeared on millions of people's feeds.


They made a tik tok that you c annot scroll past no matter how hard you try #foryou #tiktok #broken

“It [the clip] says unfortunately I have to stop you from scrolling, and it means it because once you come across this video you cannot scroll past it,” he said.

“I literally had to close TikTok just to be able to scroll again after seeing this video,” he said, saying he had fallen victim to the video himself.

It’s the latest TikTok quirk to emerge over recent times – and as ever, trends and memes tend to spread on the platform very fast.

The “All that work and what did it get me” trend became a recent favourite among the mostly Gen Z users, and the “tiny portion” trend also put some relationship to the test.

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