The 'All that work and what did it get me' TikTok trend explained

The 'All that work and what did it get me' TikTok trend explained

The 'All that work and what did it get me' TikTok trend explained

TikTok/ray_kenley, imfaithelizabeth and alexsrealwife01

Anyone on TikTok lately may have noticed various videos of people lip-syncing the lyrics "All that work and what did it get me,' as part of the latest trend - but what is it all about?

The song itself is from “Rose’s Turn” and is from the musical Gypsy, but it's cover from the TV series Gleethat has become the trending sound, sung by the character Kurt Hummel, who is played by Chris Colfer.

This rendition could be heard in season one, episode eighteen called "Laryngitis," which first aired back in 2010, and it was using to express the feeling of regret.

And the song has been used in a similar way in this latest TikTok trend as people have been using the line "All that work and what did it get me," and staring off into the distance disappointedly to share the things they regret doing as all the hard work it wasn't worthwhile in the end.

Here are some of the best examples from the trend.

TikToker @alexsrealwife01 wrote: "When you spend 2+ hours on an edit for it to get 49 likes," which received 134,000 views.


Most annoying thing ever especially if u love the edit #edit #edits #editing #editingtiktok #allthatworkandwhatdiditgetme #whydididoit #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tiktok #trend #trending

Meanwhile, @ray_kenley wrote: "“When u actually paid attention this time and u end up w the same grade," in a video that now has nearly 10m views.

Elsewhere, @lucyappleton21 wrote: "POV: You spent the whole of 2023 trying to find a bf only to now spend your date nights watching football," in a clip that has 366,000 views.


All that work and what did it get me… #boyfriendsbelike #girlsrelate #championsleague #allthatworkandwhatdiditgetme

One of the contributing factors to this trending sound is the fact that Universal Music Group recently removed a catalogue of its songs off TikTok over a contract disagreement and so people have been using their creativity to come up with different memes, and trends

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