The 'brat summer' TikTok trend explained

The 'brat summer' TikTok trend explained
Charli XCX has added three new songs to her latest album Brat
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Lately, your online feed is perhaps looking more lime green than usual - and that's all thanks to the Charli XCX-inspired "brat summer" trend.

On June 7, Charli XCX released her highly anticipated album brat which has received widespread critical praise, but before the album dropped everyone was talking about the cover art which consists of a simple design consisting of a low-res image of the word “brat” in the centre with a lime-green background.

Now that brat is a part of everyone's summer playlist, they've also adopted the lime green aesthetic and a range of other essentials to live out their brat summer to the fullest.

But what are Charli's must-haves for a brat summer?

“It can be, like, so trashy – like a pack of cigs, a Bic lighter, and a strappy white top with no bra. That’s like, kind of all you need,” Charli XCX explained on the BBC Sounds Sidetracked podcast with Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac.


Today signals the start of 💚BRAT SUMMER💚 and we are here for it… #brat #charlixcx Listen to Sidetracked on BBC Sounds #podcast

Meanwhile, some have been taking the lime green theme seriously - whether it's by dying their hair like creator @shaylaren, drinking green drinks like @mirandarose0413, or accessorising your dog @clementinethedox, there are many ways to bratify your summer.

If you're still not sure how to live your brat summer then TikToker @brettboon has created two lists - one being "Things that are brat summer" which include "Vodka Red Bull/Aperol Spritz, sleeping in your makeup, making TikTok's on a whim, getting a tattoo randomly, wearing sunglasses indoors," and many more.


BIG brat summer!!!!! #fyp #brat #bratsummer

On the other hand, the list of "Things that are not brat summer" includes: "Tesla Cybertrucks, worrying about the past, going to bed before 2am, giving someone that doesn't deserve your energy the time of day."

Singer Lizzo declared in a TikTok that "IT'S OFFICIALLY BRAT SUMMER" wearing a lime green top and added that the "Album goes crazy."

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