A single Stanley Quencher Cup is being rented out to take selfies with

A single Stanley Quencher Cup is being rented out to take selfies with
Teen's parents spend $3,000 on Stanley cups
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Stanley Quenchers may have lived in peoples' heads rent-free for some time – but now, one person has come up with a creative side hustle by quite literally renting it out for selfies.

The Facebook Marketplace user is seemingly racking up money in her spare time by offering out the pricey viral cup for $5 a snap.

For the blissfully unaware, the Stanley Quencher has evolved from a practical construction worker's accessory to an international sensation online.

Celebrities and influencers alike have been spotted with the famed stainless steel cup, creating mass chaos, lead concerns, robberies and instant sell-outs across the world.

One stunned TikTok user @e4stsidem4rios took to the platform with the "late stage capitalism L" that shows an advertisement based in Calgary, Canada.

"Can somebody tell me why someone is selling selfies with their pink Starbucks Stanley cup on Facebook?" she asked her 1.2 million viewers.

“I have a pink Stanley Cup available for photo shoot” she read out loud. "Selfies with it are $5 and I can meet at the mall during the day. Message me to book a time, I’m literally booked up all afternoon on Wednesday."


Late stage capitalism L #stanleycup #starbucks #consumerism #drunkelephant #sephora

Inevitably, fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip to offer their takes with the majority "respecting the hustle."

"I mean get that bag girl," one person wrote, while another joked: "Okay no one schedule for Friday because I will be doing MY photoshoot that day."

A third TikTok user penned: 'Imagine people asking "I never saw you with your Stanley cup again, did you lose it?' and that person having to keep the lie going."

Meanwhile, another suggested: "This is gonna be in psychology textbooks."

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