Calvin Robinson says he has been suspended by GB News after supporting Dan Wootton

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Calvin Robinson presenting his show on GB News earlier this year

YouTube / GBNews

Calvin Robinson is the third person to be suspended by right wing TV channel GB News in the wake of sexist comments made by Laurence Fox on Tuesday.

Fox apologised for an incident which happened on Tuesday, when he said of the political journalist Ava Evans: “Who would want to shag that?”

The actor, who also leads the fringe political party Reclaim, was suspended from GB News, as was Dan Wootton, who was interviewing Fox at the time and failed to challenge the comments. Instead, he laughed along.

Robinson posted on X/Twitter in support of Wootton, saying he would not appear on his show without his suspended colleague.

He condemned “careerist ambitious” colleagues “who are currently gunning for his job”.

“These people are worse than the woke mob, because these vultures are giving the mob ammunition and essentially escalating the channel’s demise.”

That was followed by another post on Friday which said: “I have been suspended from GB News.”

Robinson has his own show on the channel, called "Calvin's Common Sense Crusade".

Media regulator Ofcom has launched an investigation into the comments by Fox, after it received about 7,300 complaints.

Channel boss Angelos Frangopoulos said he went “way past the limits of acceptance” in his “appalling” comments about Evans.

The former head of Sky News Australia added: “I was appalled by those comments, they are not in keeping with the values with us as a business and obviously we took action immediately.

“I was horrified by what was said... that comment should not have gone to air.

“That should not have happened. The way it was handled was also not the way it should have happened.

“They did not reflect what we believe is appropriate conversation as a media company, as a part of the national conversation, it really is an apology, it was just really inappropriate.”

Wootton, meanwhile, has been sacked by MailOnline, where he was paid to write two columns per week.

He has also issued an apology, claiming that he was laughing at the time out of shock.

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