Eurovision viewers thought Armenia's singer was saying 'fart in my face' during her song

Eurovision viewers thought Armenia's singer was saying 'fart in my face' during her song
Eurovision 2023: The weird and wonderful moments from this year’s final

The Eurovision Song Contest is known for being weird – it’s kind of its whole branding – but viewers who watched the grand final in Liverpool on Saturday may have taken things a bit too far in thinking Armenia’s entry said something rather rude when it definitely didn’t.

According to fans of the event (held in the UK on behalf of Ukraine, given Russia’s illegal invasion of the country), a lyric in “Future Lover” by Brunette sounded like she was encouraging someone to “fart in my face”.


Just to be clear, the actual lyrics are “fire in my veins / fire in my veins / heart in chains”, but it doesn’t help that another line in the song is “I hope it all comes naturally”.

Sorry, Brunette, but for everyone’s sake, we really hope it doesn’t.

At the end of the night, Armenia was just one point away from finishing in the first half of the leaderboard, ending up in 14th place with 122 points.

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The winner was “Euphoria” singer Loreen, who returned to the contest to secure a second win for Sweden with “Tattoo”.

The UK’s Mae Muller, meanwhile, finished second-to-last, with “I Wrote A Song” ending up with just 24 points after both the jury and public votes.

But anyway, back to Armenia and farts, and many people on Twitter soon got wind (sorry) of the idea that the lyrics sound like something else entirely:

And if Armenia’s entry wasn’t getting people talking about flatulence, then it was causing people to compare Brunette to Ariana Grande:

Brunette wasn’t the only act to be compared to someone else, either. Viewers thought Lithuania’s entry looked like Liz Truss, Norway’s singer looked like sword-carrying Tory MP Penny Mordaunt, and Belgium’s Gustaph looked like Boy George.

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