Fox News host accused of ‘parroting Russian propaganda’ after reading Kremlin statement criticising Biden

Fox News host accused of ‘parroting Russian propaganda’ after reading Kremlin statement criticising Biden
Tucker Carlson calls support for Ukraine ‘largest political flashmob in American history’

Fox News host Sean Hannity has been accused of ‘parroting Russian propaganda’ online after using a statement from the Kremlin to criticise Joe Biden on his show.

The presenter relayed a comment from Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov live on air, prompting a reaction on social media.

The statement, which was read out on Hannity's show this week, said: “Given such irritability from Mr Biden, his fatigue and sometimes forgetfulness… fatigue that leads to aggressive statements, we will not make harsh assessments, so as not to cause more aggression.”

Hannity added: “Now like I’ve been saying, Biden’s weakness on the world stage, it is emboldening bad actors all across the globe as Biden and Democrats abandon the peace through strength strategy that was successful under president Trump and even president Reagan.”

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After using the statement to criticise Biden, Hannity was accused of ‘parroting’ Russian propaganda.

“We all knew they used Kremlin talking points and now they’re doing it out and in the open,” one social media user said.

“Fox and the Kremlin are on the same page,” another added.

It comes after Mother Jones reported that it had obtained a 12-page document from the Kremlin that instructed state-friendly media outlets to air footage of Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News.

It also summed up Carlson’s take on the invasion of Ukraine as: “Russia is only protecting its interests and security.”

The story led many to look back at Carlson’s comments surrounding Putin and Russia, and now resurfaced footage from 2019 shows the presenter saying he was ‘rooting for Russia’ as tensions around Ukraine rose.

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