Woman's 'Red Wedding' reaction has Game of Thrones fans traumatised

Woman's 'Red Wedding' reaction has Game of Thrones fans traumatised
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For Game of Thrones fans, certain words or terms from the show will immediately trigger a reaction. The "Red Wedding" is one of the more harrowing phrases in the show's eight-year history.

The traumatic episode from season three, "The Rains of Castamere," ended with a massacre still talked about to this day.

TikTok user Georgia Woods recently experienced the Red Wedding for the first time, which ended in tears as she hysterically cried on her couch at the end of the episode.

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The viral reaction spread across all social media platforms and eventually reached Twitter user @xPlatinumShanel. She has never seen Game of Thrones, but the visceral emotions on Woods's face intrigue her.

@xPlatinumShanel tweeted: "Nothing convinced me to watch GOT yet but this might make me. WTF happened on that screen?"

When someone correctly pointed out Woods reacted to the Red Wedding, @xPlatinumShanel laughed and tweeted: "That’s what the caption said but idk what that is lmao."

With over 32 million views, @xPlatinumShanel's tweet prompted Game of Thrones fans to chime in and share their passionate opinions on the Red Wedding.

"Lol she just watched a little girl's John Wick origin story," said Ralph Amsden.

For people like Kayla, the Red Wedding continues to be a source of pain as she tweeted: "The Red Wedding is easily one of the most traumatizing scenes ever."

"The Red Wedding is the nastiest thing a tv show has done to me," Mahdi tweeted.

The Red Wedding is considered one of the high points of Game of Thrones, as "The Rains of Castamere" finds itself toward the top of the greatest episodes in the show's history. Despite the unforgettable moment, fans still found time to express their frustration over the series finale.

"Seeing this just makes me feel so depressed all over again about how Game of Thrones was so f**king good but completely turned to s**t. I am genuinely still so heartbroken over it," said Laura Lux.

Let's see if @xPlatinumShanel can make it past season one after she witnesses what happens to Ned Stark.

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