GB News presenter confuses computer viruses with Covid in latest viral gaffe

GB News presenter confuses computer viruses with Covid in latest viral gaffe

A GB presenter confused computer viruses with biological viruses during an interview with a tech expert - and the internet, like her cohost, is cracking up.

After a guest on the brand new news channel described the sort of havoc he imagined digital warfare could cause in space, presenter Mercy Muroki asked a “quick question” about the possibility of using this vulnerability to juice-up a Coronavirus-like illness.

“How worried should we be that China is now doing this? As a lot of people don't trust China right now."

The guest corrects her swiftly, saying “No, no, no, I don’t mean that type of virus.” But her cohost Colin Brazier failed to contain himself, falling into not-so-discreet giggles.

GB News was launched by Andrew Neil on Sunday, as an “anti-woke” news channel, and it’s already been a wild ride.

The channel was overtaken by prank callers on Monday, calling themselves names like “Mike Hunt.” The scuffle lead presenters to beg viewers to “grow up” and stop making fun of them.

They also invited socialite and reality star Lady Colin Campbell onto a program to kick things off, where she made sympathetic comments about the deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and defended his friendship with Prince Andrew.

A Twitter account has also already been set up to capture the best gaffes from the show’s A-team of presenters and guests, leading to widespread ridicule of moments like the virus mixup.

But things are also getting a little dire on the business side, with several major brands, including IKEA and Nivea, pulling ads just days into the channel’s existence.

The Swedish furniture company said it hadn’t “knowingly” contributed ads to the channel in the first place.

“We are in the process of investigating how this may have occurred to ensure it won’t happen again in future,” a statement about the situation read, and have suspended paid display advertising in the meantime.”

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