GB News panel scolded for 'dictating to Black people what racism is' in resurfaced clip

GB News panel scolded for 'dictating to Black people what racism is' in resurfaced clip
GB News host scolded for 'dictating to Black people what racism is'

An activist perfectly explained to a GB News panel why we should believe Black people when they talk about racism.

Activist and pundit Imarn Ayton appeared on the channel last week to discuss the Lady Hussey controversy and explained why it is so problematic for white people to act like they know what racism is

The video of her appearance resurfaced after the first three episodes of Harry and Meghanwere released on Netflix yesterday.

Speaking to presenters Andrew Pierce and Camilla Tominey, she said: "I've had to sit patiently and I've had to watch white people dictate to Black people what racism is. You cannot tell me as a Black woman what racism is."

She added: "I am here to tell you just like Meghan with her documentary. She's had to sit and listen to everyone tell her what her reality it so you know what, now it is time for her to speak and just like with Black people you cannot come along and tell me what racism is. I am here to tell you.

"The reason why let me just make it clear for you, 'she who feels knows it more' - African proverb please remember that it will do you justice."

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The clip went viral and Ayton was widely praised on Twitter.

Meanwhile, in the documentary series, Prince Harry criticised the press for "racism" towards his wife while Meghan said she felt more racism in the UK than she has in the US.

The final three episodes will be released on Netflix on 15th December.

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