Love Island 2021: People are sharing their hilarious reasons why they could never go on the show

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Love Island


Love Island 2021 is in full flow.

After a clunky couple of weeks in which the islanders exchanged small talk about their ‘types on paper’ and professions, the series is picking up nicely now that the contestants have known each other long enough to: a) feel comfortable being rude about one another and b) feel completely bored and sick of each others’ company.

We’ve seen couples break up and people steal partners. We’ve seen tears, tantrums, dumpings and chaos. We’ve seen people leave the island to appear on Good Morning Britain to talk about the island, and a number of bombshells walk into the villa to stir things up. The Good Stuff.

This is leading some people to question what it would be like if they too were on Love Island, and many to conclude that it would be a complete disaster, writing lists to explain just why.

Some people said the emotions of the villa would get too much for them:

Others would miss being able to use social media:

Some said they would have issues with the catering:

And others thought the beauty regimes needed to sit in a bikini all day to chat to men would be simply too much:

Some thought they’d find the ‘challenges’ islanders are forced to do highly embarrassing:

And others revealed a fear of men in white skinny jeans - a staple of a Love Islander’s wardrobe:

In short, there are many, many reasons why going on Love Island would be absolute hell for many people:

We couldn’t agree more.

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