Man faces backlash after refusing doctor’s advice to stop eating raw meat

Man faces backlash after refusing doctor’s advice to stop eating raw meat

TLC viewers were stunned to learn about a man who shared a raw meat diet with his dogs.

On an episode of the network's My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted?Westoncandidly shared that he's "addicted to eating raw meat" while chowing down on a slab of uncooked beef. He added that his dogs do too.

"It's a very good feeling," he told the production crew. "It's borderline euphoric."

Later in the show, a doctor told him he had some "serious concerns" after finding E. coli bacteria in Weston's stool sample.

"I feel like I know some things that some mainstream doctors definitely don't know because I've researched some unconventional things," Weston hit back. "So yeah, I feel like I know a little bit more."

Dr Marc Scheer told the meat-eating man that the bacteria could lead to "renal or kidney failure," and in more serious cases, death.

"Our bodies normally have certain strains of E. coli in it," Dr Scheer continued. "This one is abnormal. And it's probably secondary to the raw meat that you've been ingesting."

Weston reiterated: "So I'm under the impression that we normally have E. coli in our intestine, right?"

"Absolutely," the doctor confirmed, before adding: "Unfortunately, all it takes is one serving of chicken, one serving of beef, one serving of neurologic tissue, brains, eyeballs that could tip him over the edge and have serious complications."

Dr Scheer advised Weston to "avoid the raw meat," and while he said he "appreciated that," he will probably continue.

"If I start feeling bad, I'll come in for a visit," he said. "But until then, I'll just probably keep on trucking."

This Man Only Eats 100% Raw Meat! | My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted? |

It comes after a less serious (yet gross) confession on the popular show that saw a man addicted to sniffing tuna.

"My name is Tyler, I'm from Lawrence, Kansas, which is the middle of nowhere. It's farms and country stuff," the man said. "It's very, very quiet - life in Lawrence is very boring.

The camera crew then transitioned to a shot of him sitting in a coffee shop, taking a big sniff out of a tuna tin.

"Nice way to start the day," he told the confused waitress. "I love smelling tuna every day, all the time, all day, all night, any day."

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