Disgusting Married at First Sight Australia best man speech sparks outrage

Disgusting Married at First Sight Australia best man speech sparks outrage

Disgusting Married at First Sight Australia best man speech sparks outrage

Married at First Sight Australia/Channel 9

A best man's speech on Married at First Sight Australia shocked viewers for its explicit content.

Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell decided to take the plunge and meet for the first time when they tied the knot, and Tim's best man Ben decided his speech was the perfect time to make a number of X-rated comments on Tim's dating history.

He also referred to Tim's marriage with Sara as "experiment number 865."

"I was not surprised to hear Tim was partaking in this experiment because Tim is a man of science," Ben began. "He's quite fond of experimentation."

Ben then listed a number of different "experiments," which included some of Tim's sexual exploits.

“Experiment 551. Romance at high speed. Is it road-head safe?”

Sara's bridesmaid Lauren wasn't impressed with this remark as she told the cameras: "The comments about giving head on the road is disgusting."


We can't post a single lick of this speech 🤦‍♀️ #MAFS #MAFSAU #MarriedAU #MarriedAtFirstSight #funny #fyp

While Ben continued to rhyme off other "experiments."

“Experiment 552. Is it okay to get head in the ER since you crashed your car and you’re here now anyway?”

“Experiment 759. Love at first sight through beer goggles.”

“Talk to Tim after this speech if you want the results of these experiments,” he added.

But the speech didn't end there as the sexual innuendo continued as Ben detailed a story about Tim eating "four-day-old rancid chicken" at a music festival.

"Tim had the idea to pack his own lunch on a four-day musical festival in the middle of an Australian summer. On the last day, we sat in awe as we watched him devour four-day-old rancid chicken," Ben said.

"Sara, you can find solace in the fact that, rancid or not, Tim will still eat you."

Bridesmaid Sarah described the speech as an "absolute train wreck" and a "red flag" and criticised Ben's comments as "derogatory" and "disgusting."

She added: "To say some of those things in front of people that you've never met before, especially the bride, was absolutely, like, not okay."

Viewers also agreed that the contents of the speech were not appropriate for a wedding.

One person said: "In what world did this guy think this was a good idea .. for a boy's weekend maybe for a wedding dude..."

"This is why you should review the speech first," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Dude needs to learn how to READ THE BLOODY ROOM!"

Meanwhile, Tim appeared to laugh off his best friend's speech and said: "There were some moments which might not have been potentially not PG," and told producers he hopes that Ben's comments don't come back to 'bite him in the a**.'

Married At First Sight airs on Tuesday to Thursday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 7.00pm in Australia on Channel 9.

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