The intro to Piers Morgan's new show couldn't be more Alan Partridge if it tried

The intro to Piers Morgan's new show couldn't be more Alan Partridge if it tried
Piers Morgan calls out The Independent's articles about his new show

Piers Morgan recently made a return to telly with his new programme on TalkTV – only, people are convinced they’ve seen the show’s intro somewhere before.

Morgan’s debut show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, arrived on Monday and featured an interview with former president Donald Trump.

It’s the first show he’s hosted since after infamously storming off the set of ITV’s Good Morning Britain in a heated debate about Meghan Markle a year ago.

There’s been much talk about Uncensored’s opening viewing figures, but even more about the opening titles.

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Journalist Scott Bryan posted a clip of the credits with the caption: “Honestly, the opening titles to P**** M*****’s show is the most #AccidentalPartridge thing I have seen in ages. It could be ripped from The Day Today.”

Anyone familiar with influential comedy The Day Today will know it was the first TV show to feature Steve Coogan’s iconic character Alan Partridge back in the 90s.

It was also known for parodying over the top graphics used on news programmes, and Morgan’s new show seems to be right out of the Day Today book.

It starts with a huge blue brain, declaring war on “woke insanity”, “cancel culture”, “snowflake society” and “identity politics”, all backed by a bombastic soundtrack, along with a huge globe which bears a striking resemblance to the Day Today.

The Day Today

In fact, the intro works worryingly well with The Day Today music.

Controversial journalist Morgan helped launch the news channel TalkTV, which will include shows with people such as Sharon Osbourne and Tom Newton Dunn.

Morgan’s debut show featured the interview with Trump, which has been described as a "toe-curling embarrassment” – and it turns out Morgan didn’t like the verdict in the Independent too much.

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