Black Bird and Resident Evil | Binge or Bin

Netflix's new Resident Evil series is getting bad reviews from people who watched the show believing it would be an extension of the film series.

The series was adapted from the films which were adapted from a Japanese video game based on surviving a zombie apocalypse. The movies, originally made in the early 2000s and 2010s, were immensely popular with video game and horror fanatics grossing over a billion dollars worldwide.

Naturally, producers wanted to take the successful film franchise and bring it to Netflix as a series, but it seems fans aren't too taken with the show as the series features many inconsistencies with the video game and movies.

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"I mean apparently you can just march right into Umbrella facility like you would into 7-Eleven. No security, not even after the alarms go off. A super high tech laboratory. Hilarious." Joni wrote on Twitter.

When the series trailer dropped originally in June, fans were skeptical about the series feeling as though it had strayed far from its roots.

Many people felt the series had been poorly written as Twitter users shared the cringey lines from the show that made them laugh.

The Resident Evil series plot takes place over the course of 14 years between 2022 and 2036 in a dystopian universe in which one company, the Umbrella Corporation, runs everything. The past plot line focuses on the children of Dr. Albert Wesker as they watch their father, an executive at Umbrella Corp., deal with the outbreak of a virus that causes people to become cannibalistic.

The future plot line shows how the outbreak of the virus created two civilizations- one of regular people and one of infected zombies.

The series has a 3.4/10 rating from approximately 3,800 viewers on IMDB with many echoing what people on Twitter wrote about the series.

"We are NEVER getting a good live action Resident Evil movie/show," a Twitter user wrote.

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