The Chase slammed for 'easy' questions as Chaser beats team to £27k jackpot

The Chase slammed for 'easy' questions as Chaser beats team to £27k jackpot
The Chase contestants lose out on £27,000 jackpot as the show is ...

The Chase fans are not happy with Monday's (March 21) show, declaring it as a "fix" after Shaun Wallace managed to defeat a team of three who lost out on their £27,000 jackpot.

After they managed to get through the cash builder and head-to-head rounds, contestants Kyle, 31, Laura, 23, Mark, 50, were up against the 'Dark Destroyer' in the final chase - their teammate Eileen, 64, got caught and didn't make it to the last round.

Impressively, the trio managed to get 21 questions correct in the final chase which transferred the pressure on Wallace to catch up to them.

With just seconds to spare, the 61-year-old Chaser caught the contestants after getting 17 correct answer streak, meaning the trio had to kiss goodbye to their £27,000 jackpot.

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As always, host Bradley Walsh was on hand to console the contestants and told them: "Caught with four seconds remaining. I’ve got to take away the £27,000 and tell you you have been caught and The Chase is over.”

From left: Kyle, 31, Laura, 23, Mark, 50 were defeated by the Chaser and so lost out on their £27,000 jackpotITV

Shaun commended their efforts, and also complimented his own performance: “They played very, very well, but I was superb there.”

Bradley replied praising the Dark Destroyer's impressive streak: “17 on the bounce. I’ve got to say it is some performance.

He then gave an overview of how the team could have taken home the jackpot, blaming the absence of fourth teammate Eileen.

“It is indeed a tactical game and Eileen going was the crucial part of it. They should have told her to go low. They would all be taking home money, but they didn’t."

However, not everyone felt this way as fans of the show instead blamed the questions that were given and felt Shaun's questions were "easy" compared to the contestants.

Meanwhile, not everyone agreed there were others who praised the Dark Destroyer's performance in this latest episode and noted some of the questions the contestants were asked.

It's not the first time viewers have been frustrated with the show after they couldn't believe how one previous contestant in an episode that aired last month took the minus offer, which took an eye-watering £11,000 taken off her team’s total.

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