30 of the best White Lotus season 2 memes

30 of the best White Lotus season 2 memes
The White Lotus Season 2 Explained

In case you haven’t caught up on the White Lotus season two finale, please be warned that this story contains spoilers.

And if you have, yes, we’re devastated it’s over, too.

The HBOdrama’s second outing, this time dripping with Sicilian opulence, was every bit as good as the first – or even better.

Prior to the last episode’s release, the internet was awash with countless theories on how it would all end. Was Greg really conspiring with Quentin to drain Tanya of all her cash? Would Jack reveal who he really was? And, of course, the 500 million dollar question: which of our protagonists was to wind up as the dead body Daphne found floating in the sea in episode one?

At last, that mystery was solved, the plot’s loose threads were tied(ish) and our rollercoaster stay in Taormina came to a close.

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And while we glumly consider the White Lotus-free months ahead, at least we can console ourselves with the 5* memes provided by fellow fans across social media.

Here’s a look at some of our favourites, courtesy of Twitter, starting with all those surrounding the iconic Tanya and her big… send-off:

And here’s a little something to pep up those of us who are still in mourning:

Now, for a shout-out to Tanya's long-suffering assistant Portia:

And to our dedicated hotel staff:

And to our two unexpected heroines:

And to that crazy love-square:

We’ll never tire of these memes and could go on all day but, instead, we’d like to take a moment and consider season three.

The big question now is... where will we travel to next?

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