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All the weird and wonderful Valentine's Day foods to try this year – or not

All the weird and wonderful Valentine's Day foods to try this year – or not
Affordable and easy Valentine's Day treats

It's that time of year again when supermarkets are inundated with heart-shaped novelties and rammed with panicked other halves picking up the last bouquet of roses.

That's right, it's the most divisive celebration of the year: Valentine's Day.

Whether you love it or loathe it, you simply cannot escape it. It comes after a staggering 46 per cent of people candidly confessed they'd break up with their partner if they did not give them a Valentine's Day gift – even if they made a "no-gift" pact.

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Now, companies are taking extra measures to provide love at first bite. After all, nothing says I love you than heart-shaped chicken nuggets or edible anuses...

Here are our favourite weird and wonderful Valentine's Day favourites this year:

A Cardi B and Offset McDonald's Valentine's meal

McDonald's has jumped on the love train with their first celebrity collab.

"Whether it’s going for a date night or grabbing a bite after late-night studio sessions … I’m always asking Offset to take me to McDonald’s," Cardi B said in a press release announcing the meal. "And now, Offset and I have a meal named after us! I want all my fans to try it – especially with that BBQ sauce."

Available for a limited time in the US, it includes a cheeseburger with BBQ sauce and large Coke - Cardi B's favourite - and a quarter pounder with cheese with a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst - Offset's go-to choice - plus a large order of fries and an apple pie.


A two-foot-long cheese-filled sausage

Nothing says I love you more than a 400g sausage – fittingly called the LoveSausage.

At just £3.49, Muscle Food describes their new addition as the "perfect gift to share with your partner over a candle-lit dinner at home".

I mean...

Muscle Food

Edible anuses

Move over Milk Trays, there's a bizarre new competition in town: chocolate anuses.

Strangely, there seems to be a demand here, with the entire company named after exactly that. They also stock Anus beer, casting kits – and a £580 solid silver limited edition anus for that extra special someone.

Edible Anus

Heart-shaped chicken nuggets

Lidl has released a "romantic range" to get in the lovey-dovey spirit, arguably combining two of the world's finest things: love and chicken nuggets.

There are also heart-shaped mochis, heart-shaped macarons, heart-shaped pizzas, and heart-shaped gnocchi.

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a slab of steak – complete with heart-shaped butter, no less.


A salami bouquet

Olympia Provisions has flipped tradition on its head with a meat-filled bouquet.

You have the option of three, six or 13 stems of cured meat from France, Italy, Spain, and Greece.

Olympia Provisions

If Valentine's Day simply isn't your thing, one zoo is offering the rare opportunity to name a cockroach after an ex.

The newly-named cockroach is then devoured by an animal. The feeding frenzy can be watched on a Valentine's Day live stream on their social media channels, @SanAntonioZoo.

Petty revenge and contributing to charity? Yes, please.

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