10 tips to appear smarter in meetings

Ever feel your natural 'zing' isn't coming through in meetings? Well, a new book has all the answers for appearing smarter when conversing with colleagues.

The comic genius behind the Cooper Review has published a collection of stellar business advice in 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings.

To avoid making you too good at business meeting smarts, here are 10 of the best bits of advice from Cooper's blue sky, paradigm-smashing brain.

Cooper - who used to work at Yahoo, and Google, where she claims she saw some of these techniques first hand - began jotting down ideas in 2007.


Picture: Sarah Cooper/TheCooperReview.com

Speaking to indy100, Sarah Cooper explained how the book had begun as some scribbled notes during meetings.

Many of the cartoons are observations I made about my coworkers that I started jotting down almost nine years ago while working at Yahoo, and when I came across my old notes a few years ago I decided to finish the list and called it 10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings. The original article didn't have illustrations and I added illustrations after I left Google a few years ago and re-published it.

Asked how her co-workers had responded, Cooper said:

The original article came out while I was still at Google and I remember during a meeting, one of our VPs was pacing around the room and then asked to go back a slide - and he looked over at me and winked. So my coworkers all found it funny and love seeing their coworkers or even themselves in some of the tricks. My Google coworkers especially see a lot of truth in the tricks.

Cooper has also released Draw What Success Looks Like, described as 'an adult colouring book for cubicle dwellers'. She also has a third book coming out in 2017, but the topic is top secret!

All of these top tips and drawings can found in Cooper's 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetingsand for more satire visit on the Cooper Review.

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