14 incredible images before and after photoshop


Photoshop battles are a simple thing. Someone posts a usually funny or unusual photo, and then experts edit it into even more hilarious situations.

We've decided to have a look through r/Photoshopbattles, Reddit, Imgur and Twitter to find some of our favourite transformations.

1. Trump trying to close his pen

Here's the original:

...and the remake.

2. The little known Hogwarts spin-off, Harry Potter and a wrecking ball



3. This badass hawk

Who became even more badass.

4. A kid with his face in a magnifying plate

Who became a meme.

5. Trump embracing Ivanka

That's been edited into something else he really loves.

6. A frog riding a beetle...

7. This cat

...who became a train.

8. This dog friendly gate...

...who turned them into not very good boys.

9. Trump in a bathrobe...

...that could only be for one person.

10. This gecko strumming a leaf

11. A shocked leopard...

...who got caught.

12. Donald Trump Jr...

...who probably regretted wearing this t-shirt.

13. This polar bear waving...

...who ended up going to war.

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