A dad makes brilliant toast sculptures to improve his daughter's breakfast

A man has been making sculptures out of toast to make his daughter’s breakfast more exciting.

Adam Perry, who is clearly competing for the title of Father of the Year, began to feel sorry for his youngest daughter – who has severe food allergies – after seeing her eat two slices of white toast every day.

“I started playing with toast to get her excited about her breakfast again and to make both the girls laugh when they came down to eat,” he told ABC.

Mr Perry, who is the drummer for the band Bloodhound Gang, opened an Instagram account (@2slicesoftoast) as his designs became more and more ambitious.

So far he’s been creating a toast sculpture a day for 111 days, and plans to continue for a year so he can put his work into a book.

“When people comment and say it’s brightened their day it feels great, so I’m going to keep going and see where the toast takes me,” he added. “I need suggestions though, so if anyone has any, please send them to me and I’ll try to build them!"

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